The Process of Installing Synthetic Grass

All of us wants to have a green lawn outside our house, but we get fed up, with the maintenance of grass and plants, to maintain their look. Why not go for a synthetic turf installation, to get rid of those worries of lawn maintenance.

In case you are wondering how to lay synthetic grass, follow the following simple steps.

* Remove the natural grass or plantation from the area where you are planning to install artificial grass. Preferably use a sod cutter for this task since it cuts uniformly across the lawn.

* Install a composite board along the four sides of the area of installation.

* Dig a six inches deep trench along the edge of the area of installation.

* Put the composite board in the channel, so the top of the border is about one inch to 3/4″ below the top surface of the ground.

* Disable the irrigation lines that were previously used for the natural grass irrigation.

* Add one-inch self-compacting gravel. Add gravel so that it is a quarter inch above the composite border level, keep the centre of the area a little raised. Flat synthetic turf installs look fake.

* Rake the area using a 3-foot aluminium rake. This rake has teeth on one side, and the back has a flat blade. Rake out the best you can.

* Wet the area thoroughly but it should not flood the area. Wait for around 10 minutes to let it cure the area.

* Now use the plate compactor to make the area even. Use a broom to remove excess material on the edges.

* Spread a weed mat on the area now. Secure it properly so that after installation, it would not bulge out and stays even.

* Add the artificial turf. The grass is typically available in 15 feet width, and you should join it width wise.

* To start the installation, unroll the first bundle, laying it close to the edge and then unroll other bundles by its side length wise. Keep on putting them in this sequence.

* Make the joints – You can glue your joint, or you can use staples. Using glue and professional seaming tape gives the best result. It makes joint hard to detect. This factor becomes very important if you are installing artificial grass on the playgrounds.

* Now apply the infill. The last step in this process is to use the infill. Infill keeps the blades upright and gives the turf a more realistic look. You may use silica sand, and acrylic green coated sand or deodorising infills. For most purposes, the sand works fine.

To apply the infill, use a broom to make the blades stand upright. Then carefully use a flat shovel to place the infill to the turf. Roughly 1.5 lbs infill per square foot of lawn is OK. Now brush again until the infill is evenly spread.

Now you are ready to enjoy your artificial lawn. However, if you find it difficult to do the installation yourself, there are many experts out there who can do artificial grass installation professionally. You only have to find the best for the best outcome. Family and friends can be of great benefit during your search as you can get referrals from them. The Internet can as well do you good as you can read reviews and make an easy decision on which turf installation experts to hire.